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I lived in Tucson for many years but first came to visit in the 1960's when one of my Sisters moved here from the midwest.


After completing my FAA aircraft mechanic's license training in Douglas I moved to Tucson. Began working for Business Air Center as a line mechanic. Six months later I took on the position of Director of Maintenance. I stayed in this position for over a year then started my own maintenance business at Tucson Airport. During the day I would maintain aircraft and also had a job flying night cargo. Would sleep in the plane on the ramp where-ever I ended up, then fly home by 0530 in time to go back to my day job.

This is Learjet 35 N19LH, the first Lear that I worked on and first one I ever flew in. Gary Sanders was the PIC and have known and worked with Gary ever since. Very nice person and excellent pilot!

After two years of doing this I had enough time to get a real flying job. Right seat in a Vickers Viscount I was in heaven. We flew rock and roll bands around the country in these aging turboprop airliners.

Here is one of the planes ready to go out on tour with Barry Manilow (barely man-enough was his nick name with the crew).


This lasted for 6 months until the right seat in a cargo Learjet 25 popped up. During the day I would work with Scott Evashuck, the director of maintenance, and at night fly cargo. This lasted for another six months when I was offered a job in a brand new Lear 25 in El Paso.

Here is one of our cargo birds, a EJM airplane.