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1985 saw me move everything from El Paso to San Diego. Living on a copilots salary does not afford one a flat on the beach in SD, so it was 10 miles inland in a medium level of apartments. I went to work with Pete Purnell for a very nice man, Bill Alfredo. Unfortunately Bill spent a bit more than his budget allowed and after 2 hears here he notified us that he was going to have to sell the Learjet.

N55ES, a Lear 25D model. The photo above shows us somewhere in the St. Louis area, with my Fathers car on the left.


For 6 months another friend of mine, Randy Baumann, had been calling and offering me a job in Berlin Germany. It was a medivac position and paid very well but I was just not up for the change. Now that our plane was being sold it was a good chance so I flew over and took a look. One week later faxed my resignation to San Diego and moved everything into a storage locker and headed to Berlin Germany.