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I am looking to add a hour meter and possibly a tach built together, (mostly a hour meter) to my Aeronca, I do not have any electrical on the plane so I'm limited. Is there a tach I can replace mine with that will turn in the correct direction as mine does now to keep up with this? I want the hour meter so I do not have to keep up with the hours manually. I have tried tiny tach but being my wires are shielded it can not pick up the spark thru the plug wires, I have also removed the shielding from about 3"s of the P lead and wrapped it around it, It will pick up the spark but when you increase the throttle above close to RPM it stops reading. Any help would be appreciated. This is one of the last things on the list to do.

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Re: tach/hourmeter

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I once did a prepurchase inspection on a 7DC that had an interesting recording devise. It has a venture type tube on the side of the cowling and recorded calibrated time based on the prop blast. I had never saw one before but it seemed to work well. Not sure how the airflow changed from prop spinning when the plane was still as compared to when it was flying, but apparently it did.

You could put in a Hoobs Meter with a small battery, but you have to remember to turn it on and off and it would record running time only , which you could do with a cheap kitchen timer.

Of you can buy a recording tachometer that goes in the opposite direction as needed on "-8" Continentals. I had one on my 7CCM.

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