Skylight window in champs

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Skylight window in champs

Post by Richard »

My champ headliner was ruined by mice. I couldn't stand the smell and the holes so removed it. I've been told it is almost impossible to install a new headliner, so I was curious if anyone has installed a skylight like in a citabria or super cub, in a 7AC?

Thanks Richard

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Re: Skylight window in champs

Post by Paul Agaliotis »

I think there is a Service Letter that puts the greenhouse on. Might be able to use that document.
I have retrofitted a skylight into a Citabria. Some of the wood gets modified for the glass attach.
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Re: Skylight window in champs

Post by williamc »

TC-759 miscellaneous item 603 may authorize the windows.
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Re: Skylight window in champs

Post by MikeB »

I don't know if it's 'impossible' to install a headliner with the fabric already on although I've never done it. It would be difficult for sure but I think it could be done starting at the front and working toward the back, gluing and stapling rather than sewing and wool would probably be the 'easiest' :roll: type. Just a thought.

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