Transponder Antennas

Post-War Aeronca Chief airplanes
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Transponder Antennas

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Things have been deathly quiet on the forum lately so I decided to see if this topic would stir up some discussion. It is "do you have a transponder antenna mounted on your Chief ? If so, is it mounted internally to the exterior ? And if so, where and how ? Further, is it powered from some engine driven electrical source or perhaps a rechargeable battery ?

I feel that a transponder which will respond to Mode C inquiries can be a useful thing whenever you're not just flying around the pond and some of us work around complex airspace and use flight following and in scenarios where on board iD is expected from air traffic in the area. With solid state units having very small total weights, I think a transponder may be feasible. Please share your experience and approaches in this area.

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