Attaching fabric on our Aeroncas

Fabric and covering. Fabric, dopes, paint and everything associated with the coverings on our planes.
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Attaching fabric on our Aeroncas

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I’ve seen lots of this pop rivit stuff and owners wanting to use pop rivets. First of all that’s an STC clearly saying Middletown did not use pop rivits in the early years of the fourtys, granted stainless PK screws and washers have gotten a little pricy compaired to the pop Rivits. I turned down a cover job because it had pop rivits attaching the fabric. It just isn’t worth the damage it causes in removing them,and have to repair the damage. I use the old standard method, the Snapon ratchet screwdriver is great on installing the stainless PK Screws. And washers, the last pop rivit STC I read required the use of the washer. So why use the pop rivit system. When you have to install the washer, just ordered some washers at $0.12 a piece plus the pop rivit, Virsis the PK screw. Look who just got cheaper! Any way you do it it’s time consuming, and I will agree under the tapes covering the pop rivit,will look better, just takes a little time to apply the tapes over the PK screw and have a smooth finish. It can be done, it’s a No No,but I use my heat gun on a very low setting on all my tapes, it takes several minutes, but it really works well holding the gun 8 to12 inches from the tape,it flattens the tape over the PK screw and removes any bubble in the tapes, that seems to appear on the taped edges.

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Re: Attaching fabric on our Aeroncas

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Bill Pancake has an STC SA04301CH for Pop Rivets AD42BSLF (1/8th pop rivet) and Rib Stitching for all Aeronca 7 and 11 Series. From the .020 to .032 rib thickness. The FAA came to my shop and they witnessed the pull test on the .020 rib using different angles and strength. The rivet pulled out of the rib at approximately 80 lbs pull but the rib never cracked. The PK screws pulled out at 35 lbs. The STC cover the ailerons, wings, and all control surfaces. If you are interested in purchasing this STC give him a call at 304-788-1974 and he will provide you with the price and other details. This STC also covers rib stitching for all the Aeronca 7 and 11 Series.

Bill also has other STCs that C85 and C90 -8, -12, -14, and -16 Continental engines and also includes a GW increase for all Aeronca 7 Series and GW for the 11AC and 11BC pending.

Hope this is helpful.

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Re: Attaching fabric on our Aeroncas

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Good to know about the covering options available. I'm inclined to spend some time and tie the seine, especially on control surfaces.

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