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Pre-War Chief Pulley's and Cable size

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 23:53
by wisconsin7ac
I looked back on the Fearless Aeronca Aviators site and this one. There was seems to be an old AD 43-18-1 on changing out control cables on prewar Chief's to 1/8". They were original 3/32 on prewars. My old cables are 1/8" which is fine, but I would like to replace them and the pulley's also. The Pulley's I have and what is available now are different in outside diameter. Mine measure 2 1/2 inches. Can't find anything close to that anywhere. Anybody that has done a prewar project care to chime in on this and tell me what you did to overcome this problem?

I am making progress on my project and am done with fuselage welding, wood is on fuselage, I am building wings at the home shop, and am almost ready to put in the pulley's/ cables/ headliner and get going on the start of covering the fuselage.


Re: Pre-War Chief Pulley's and Cable size

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 13:28
by wisconsin7ac
Todd Trainor to the rescue!

I emailed Todd and got his quick reply, thought I would include it here for everyone's benefit.

The existing 3/32-inch cables utilize the AN210-2A pulleys which cannot be used with the larger 1/8-inch cables. These pulleys are used in the six places: 4 in the wings and 2 beneath the fuselage for the rudder cables. The AN210-2A is a 2.5” diameter pulley. There is no AN pulley for a 1/8-inch cable that has a 2.5” diameter. As such, there is no easy substitution.

The elevator cables are already 1/8-inch. The good news is that Aeronca used the 2.5-inch diameter Formica #A-136 pulley for those 1/8” elevator cable. The bad news is that I cannot find any specifications for (or a supply of) the Formica #A-136 pulley. I have both the AN210-2A and Formica A-136 pulleys. I measured them. The Formica A-136 is thicker (0.470”) than the much thinning (0.305”) AN120-2A pulleys. All the pulley tabs in the wings and under the fuselage are welded for the thin AN120-2A pulleys. Even if you could find a supply of Formica A-136 pulleys, they would not fit in the 6 locations on the 65CA wings and fuselage without modification and field approval.

I recommend that you install the 3/32 cables rather than upgrading to 1/8. Using the 3/32 cable requires that you comply with Memo M-66, which requires you to inspect them at 1000 hours. It seems unlikely that you will put 1000 hours on your new 65LB. If you do put 1000 hours on it, I can tell you from experience that you can pull all the cables from the wings and fuselage without too much work. I’ve done it. I recently replaced all the cables in my KCA with the fabric on.

Re: Pre-War Chief Pulley's and Cable size

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 17:01
by Paul Agaliotis
Any substitution needs some modification. If somebody wants to make the changes you can use a Ralmark BB-128. It's 2.5 diameter but is a bit wider.

Re: Pre-War Chief Pulley's and Cable size

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 20:24
by wisconsin7ac

Thanks, yes that would work also.
I will try to get some pictures up here soon to document the progress (or lack thereof).