Spinners & Back Plates - New

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Spinners & Back Plates - New

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11 series Chief Owners,

After having a Back Plate failure, I contacted our long time friend, Bob Carr. Several years ago Bob had the Tooling & Fixtures made to produce Spinners & Back Plates for our 11 series Chiefs. Many of you, including me, are flying around with Bob Carr Spinners on our Chiefs. Bob was having some health issues & was working with Charles Finch in recent years, continuing having Back Plates & Spinners made. Charles Finch has since become very involved with Honda Jet & his time to do this became vey limited. It's a long story, but last fall we obtained the tooling & fixtures to continue this work. Sadly, Bob passed away last fall. His concern was that all of his research & work would not go by the wayside. Moving forward, we have proceeded with having some Back Plates & Spinners made, as per Bob's advice & experience. May I add, that Charles Finch has been very supportive in this endeavor, also.

All of our Back Plates are reinforced to help prevent the cracking issues many of us have experienced. We have Back Plates for Tapered & Flanged Crankshafts. Spinners are available for wood or metal propellers. We have had a few requests already & have had a limited number of Spinners & Back Plates finished out. We do not plan to go into the airplane parts business. Our idea is to support 11 series Chief Owners in this endeavor. We have owned and flown an 11AC Chief since 1980.

Any one interested, please contact: Ray Johnson - 765-669-3544

Spinners - $187.50

Back Plates - $187.50

Plus shipping & insurance. ($20.00 - most zip codes)

E-Mail: RayJohnson@indy.rr.com
Ray Johnson
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(1947) S/N 1764

Visit us in Marion, Indiana at the Fly/In Cruise/In

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