McDowell Again

Props, Spinners and McDowell Starter issues.
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McDowell Again

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Anyone who follows this forum regularly is probably familiar with the recent discussions (posts in the P ost war Chiefs area which basically brings up a members interest in getting a McDowell starter (the parts necessary to use during a restoration). I commented on it and received some replies in return. My purpose here is to answer those replies and maybe get enough interest rekindled in the subject to make possible the inclusion of McDowell systems on some number of Chiefs if their owners are willing to work on the problem and make some cash investment.

To my replies:

MikeB: As I have said, I wish you the greatest of success in this endeavor and even good fortune in locating the dingy and dark hangers which harbor useful parts. Several months ago, I saw a "project" on Trade-a-Plane that was really bad but presumably had most (whatever that meant) of a McDowell system included in what was for sale. Thought for a moment about just buying it up and trying to recoup some of my costs from the remainder. Sanity returned and it disappeared from the listing. Good luck in your Texas hunts. I'm going to Florida for January and hope to do a little snooping there as well. Also have one possibility here at home but that will have to wait till I return. Are you aware of collies' article and do you have any comment on it?

hangarash: I always try to take sage advise for what it is worth and try to use it to advantage. However, most of what I heard in this connection seemed more advisory than substantive so, I'm trying to view it in that fashion. I have to believe there is more to hope for than "you can only create Mt Rushmore with sandpaper and solitude". I would rather take a positive approach with action rather than counting my worry beads. I would also request that you review collies' work and provide feedback as to whether it seems like something doable. Thanks.

Colie: I was completely unaware of your magazine article and that will be the first action for me. i.e. Getting a copy of it and identifying exactly which parts and pieces I need to obtain and seeing how my drawing trove stands against reality. I'm hoping MikeB will come up with some useful information from an actual installation point of view. When you discussed you presentation at S&F, you made mention of the possibility of a chief being there with a McDowell system installed for viewing. Did that happen?
Was that an aircraft of yours ? Was it there ? Is it in the vicinity of your Douglas Ga. location ? Thanks for your input here.

Almost forgot, Is any hope that you will make a McDowell presentation at Middletown ? That would be almost quixotic !


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Re: McDowell Again

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Here's some photos and information on the McDowell starter.

Mike ... mation.htm

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