before changing engines question about prop

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before changing engines question about prop

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after reading the stc on changing the 65 to an 85 i noticed they are calling for a sensenich 72x44 prop for the 85. that is what i have on my 65. the only reason for me to change the engine, the 65 is very slow on climb out. if i changed it to a 72ck42 would that help a lot on climb? does someone have a 72ck42 to sell so i can try this before i go through changing to the 85?

thank you
dan carley

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Re: before changing engines question about prop

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Danny, If that prop works for you, I would be interested in buying the 85 that you found. - Regards, Robert
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Bo Grave
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Re: before changing engines question about prop

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Hi Dan

The 42 pitch will help some, RPM is HP ! If you want to climb a smaller pitch prop will let your engine rpm go higher. what static rpm do you have now? you want to get to the high side of the range. Your engine only produces 65 hp at 2300 rpm. With some changes the same engine produce 75 hp mainly by allowing to turn 2600 rpm. With that said if you are able the c-85 is worth it. I have put a Stroked C85 in my Champ and love it. I will do the same to my chief this summer when i get time to build the engine.


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