Stopover Along the Way

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Stopover Along the Way

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If I make the S & F trip, the overnight stop will probably be at either KBUY, KFLO or KRBW. Does anyone have any experience at these places ? The problems of ground transportation, clean but not superexpensive lodging and overall attitude at the airport are most significant to me. If you have alternative places near to these, I'd be interested in your recommendation for them as well


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Re: Stopover Along the Way

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Don't know about the airports you mentioned, but earlier this week I overnighted at GWW. It was great. Tom there was extremely helpful, gave me a crewvcar and took great care of our Bonanza. I highly recommend it. Fuel prices were very good.

It is a bit short of where you want to stop, but it is a fine airport.

Good luck and best regards,
John Murray
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