Its time to come together as one, we have a major problem.

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Re: Its time to come together as one, we have a major problem.

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That doesn't sound like a "Merry Christmas" to me but I find it hard to believe they can take private property (i.e. your hangars) on a arbitrary basis even if you are leasing the space or 'footprint' from the city. Do you have any kind of a short or long term lease? Looking at your airport (KORK) it's not our little grass strip so you'd think there would be some kind of lease or agreement. The bigger airport up the road from me has a few hangars that were built with the agreement that after 40 or 50 years the hangars became airport property but up to that time the hangars were owner property and the foot print was leased for a fairly low amount......around .05 per square foot sticks in my mind.

While I don't have a lot of faith in the 'political system', this does seem like a good time for your local representative or congress person to get involved. Basically, that's what they're for and it also seems like there's got to be a loop hole or agreement somewhere between the parties involved. I've found over the years that being a 'pain in the rear' and never giving up is often effective.

Keep us informed as it could affect a lot of members on the site.

Mike Berg

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Re: Its time to come together as one, we have a major problem.

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Simple way to handle the idiots: SUE THE BASTARDS!

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Re: Its time to come together as one, we have a major problem.

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Somehow I missed your post concerning NLR taking over the hangers but I read about it in the paper. There is no doubt that ya'll are getting a screwing. What about Canino's T-hangers? Isn't he raising hell? Are there any new developments?

I over heard one of our airport commissioners say that he would be interested in attracting ya'll up to our airport. Our airport does not get Federal funds and is not subject to alot of that nonsense. Non of the leases have a "time limit" clause. But we are about 100 highway miles or 60 NM from NLR.

There is ground available for building a hanger and there is a rather large building, about 10,000 ft + or -, with two hanger doors on private property surrounded by airport property and it is adjacent to the taxiway and parking. It was formerly H****r Aviation till he went belly up. I tried to get a partner to buy the hanger but no takers. You could easily park 6 or so planes in it with room to spare.

Good luck, Dennis

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Re: Its time to come together as one, we have a major proble

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You would have to change the law. When you build a structure on somebody else's property it becomes a "fixture" and belongs to them. The only way around that is to get it in writing that the structure is yours - but a Port-A-Port is not worth much without the land anyway. What you need is very good lawyers among the pilot group - good enough to frighten the civil servants into not doing what they can legally do.

We have the same deal - a buddy bought a $300K hangar on a 30-day leasehold. Fortunately, the 30 days keep resetting. I have two hangars - roughly sixty grand - on the same basis. My contract says they can remove me without cause with 30 days notice. Sometimes it is nice to have politically connected pilots in the same boat.

On the TSA: I have basically a liberal outlook, but I think the regulatory and security regime has gone way too far in aviation. I have been the victim of an intensive search for weapons and bombs at a checkpoint beyond which my aircraft was the only departure. I was in uniform, except maybe for the hat, and the shocked passengers could clearly see I was the captain of their flight. Yes, I wrote the Administrator. He said such searches were absolutely necessary. At the time, there was no screening of fuelers or caterers.

The end result of all this will be to kill general aviation dead. We are at 50% of 1977 activity, and a much larger percentage of that activity today is King Airs and Citations. I personally was responsible for almost 3% of all daily operations at the ninth busiest GA airport (2023 actual count) - as soon as the taxpayers find that out, we will be a shopping center. We have already locked them out of their own airport.

Is this the Rants & Raves forum? What fun!

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Re: Its time to come together as one, we have a major proble

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Take a look at the Lease and see if they CAN do what they propose. Get the people together and hire an attorney. Maybe they can buy your personal property on their ground.
Better yet dig up an Indian in the Mayors front yard and turn HIS house into a casino.
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Re: Its time to come together as one, we have a major problem.

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Yes I would agree, Washington DC is totally out of control, I think this might be skittle butt, but our county Sheriff said no not in our county! We have 6 airports mostly private living community’s with GA and some Commerical activities, their point was homeland security now has the Civil Air Patrol under their hat and control, apparent that is true, so The County told the Civil Air Patrol to move and they went to Waco, nice place Waco,see ya but I wouldn’t want to be ya! That may blow up in the county’s face, due to the fact,they take federal funds to improve the local regional airport. Time will see, I am not taking away public service, but social security is paying for the pop and circumstance involving the former president. So smile because we are paying for it, and we can’t do a thing about it.

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Re: Its time to come together as one, we have a major problem.

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We have all kind of similar things happening at HTO Airport in East Hampton, Long Island, New York. When I started flying, there was plenty of Uncontrolled Airspace, and a number of times, I was met in a farmers field with a glass of lemonade or ice tea, thanking me for popping in. Those days are gone except is some remote areas.

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