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After returning from Saudi Arabia I was hired by a cargo operator out of Las Vegas named Sierra West. I was lucky enough to be assigned to fly out of Helena Montana on a Federal Reserve Bank run. For this we took off at 9 PM and flew to Salt Lake City. Off loaded our cargo which usually consisted of canceled checks and financial instruments, then went to bed at the FBO. (this means that we slept on the couch or lazy-boy recliners)

Awoke at 04:45 in the morning to hop back in the plane at 05:30 and return to Helena with more paperwork. From Friday morning to Monday night we were off, and there is a lot of very nice things to do in Montana in the spring and summer and we made the most of it.

In June I ran into Dave Chastain in the FBO in Salt Lake. We started talking and seems that we knew some of the same people in the F-15 program (Gary Sanders) and he agreed to hand carry my resume into Flexjet. One week later I was flying to Dallas for an interview with Jon Walegir. Hired that day, I left Sierra West and made the drive to Dallas one week later.