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Was born in Missouri, then moved to Padre Island Texas in 1961.

Stayed there for a year then moved again to San Miguel de Allende Mexico.

Stayed there for 3 years and returned home (its a long story)...


Attended Jarrett Junior High, then Parkview High School. After 4 wonderful formulative years went on to Southwest Missouri State, also in Springfield. Majored in various things (Psy as well as History) for my 4 years there.

Finally in the next to last semester I was offered a chance to take over my Father's position as a sales rep for one of the largest nursery's in the world, which I accepted. During the summers I had worked for both Greenleaf Nursery (Tahlequah OK) as well as Mount Arbor in Shenandoah Iowa, who was to be my future employer..