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I am looking for a few old friends. Hopefully someone looking at this website might know them or where they might be in the world.


George Latherow

We worked together in Berlin in the 1980's. He was at a transition point in his life and after spending some time with me and some other aviation types he decided to get his aircraft mechanic's license (A&P) in Florida. He then returned to Berlin and went to work for Air Berlin. I believe that he may still be there but I cannot get anyone from the airline to answer my emails. Have tracked him down to doing some photography for a scuba outfit in the Thailand or Indian Ocean area but they have also lost touch with him. He is also a ham radio operator.

Danielle Gedhe

George's old lady friend. We became good friends when I met George. Believe that she is still in Berlin and would love to hear from her.

Wolfgang Nowak

Believe that he is a pilot with Air Berlin but again no contact from the airline. We flew medivac together many years ago and he could either be in Germany or Spain as his wife was from the Canary Islands. Have now heard that he may be flying with Germania.

Neville & Pia Caplan

Neville was a mechanic at Tempelhof Airways, the airline I flew for in Berlin. Pia worked there as well. Last I heard they might be in South Africa.

Andrew "Andy" Pickles

A mechanic at Tempelhof Airways. No idea where in the world he is. He is from England so may be back in the UK.

Richard "Dick" Fougeron

We were based together at Tempelhof. Dick worked for Raytheon all over the world, and believe his last base was in Mexico City. He has retired now and we lost touch. A good friend of ours, Clyde Wellman and I are trying to track him down.

Jim Sharpe

Also a mechanic at Tempelhof Airways. Last know residence was Phoenix.

Debra Jones

Worked at the Tempelhof Air Base. She was from Kansas City and had lived all over the world. Was married to a guy in Berlin named Klaus last time I heard from her but have lost touch.

Paula Hancock

We went to Southwest Missouri State together in the 70's. She married Craig (believe that was his name) Johnson and moved to Jefferson City Missouri. Lost touch with her then.

Dave Emerson

Went to SMS with Dave, and he was from somewhere down in the Ozarks. No idea where he is now.

Sharon Tracthe

Also went to school with Sharon.

Debbie Dalton

Went to high school with Debbie, and just wondered what happened to her.

Bill Forrester

Went to high school with Bill in Springfield Missouri. Also wondered where in the world he ended up.

Curt Gullett

Went to high school with Bill in Springfield Missouri. Also wondered where in the world he ended up.

Rona Zelniker

Met Rona on a rock and roll tour when she was working on Republic Field in the NYC area.