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I had some very good times in El Paso, but the main problem with this job was that we were worked to death by the owners of the plane. Over the two years I worked for them I was gone an average of 24 days a month on the road. They owned Hidrogas, a natural gas company out of El Paso, who sold gas to Mexico and Central America.

N25TZ, Learjet 25 #365 owned by Hidrogas. Very nice airplane and flew it for two years. This airplane is now under Mexican registration but still owned and flown by the Zaragoza family. They also have a Challenger 604 in their fleet.

The good part is that I got a lot of experience. Flew first for Hal Dean then Oscar Gonzalez. I left the company in 1985 when we had a disagreement on whether it was legal to fly after the pilots had a drink. The FAA frowns on it and the captain was more worried about his job than safety, so I left and moved to San Diego.