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This is a list of photos of some of the planes I have flown.




N3949U, a Piper PA31-350 Navajo. Based out of Tucson we flew part 91 and 135 flights with this plane with "Hollywood Hal" Goddard.


Vickers Viscount aircraft. This one was outfitted for Barry Manilow (barely man enough was what everyone called him and his boyfriend) and we flew it for "Go Air" out of Tucson. Flew all sorts of rock 'n rollers in 1984 before moving to Learjets. 


Here is the cockpit with a "groupie"... we had a lot of ladies on the tour and the fringe benefits were excellent at times!


This was a "steam" powered airplane and right out of the 1940's.


N19LH First Learjet I worked on and flew in. It was based out of Tucson's Business Air Center.


N345EJ, owned by Exec Jet Aviation in Ohio. First Learjet I flew as a pilot. A Lear 25, it was a cargo airplane that we flew some passenger charters on the weekends.

N711TQ, owned by the 7-11 corporation and used for cargo. The first Learjet I flew for a living on a regular basis.




N25TZ, a Lear 25, on the ramp in El Paso Texas around 1984. Flew this airplane for 2 years all over the states, Mexico and Central America.


N55ES, a 25D model, based out of San Diego California. I flew this with Pete Purnell, my last job before moving over to Germany. In the foreground is my Fathers last Jag XJ.





This is either 106 or 108 TA, a Nord 262 that we flew in Berlin with Tempelhof Airways from 1987 until 1990 when it went out of business.

Here is a pic of Dr. Klaus Voss and the "Berlin Air Rescue" Learjet 25.



D-CAVE, a German registered Learjet 35 model, sitting on the ramp at the private side of Moscow's airport. I flew for the Deutscherettungswacht, the "German Air Rescue," based out of Berlin.


Next job in Germany was flying for Aero-Continental, flying a Learjet 55 out of Hannover. Charter and medivac working with Bernd Wilmes, very nice guy and friend to this day. He is still in Germany and flying for Hapag Lloyd.



Before leaving Flexjet I was lucky enough to have flown both the Lear 60 and Challenger 604, the top two aircraft.



Have flown this old gal, a Ford TriMotor! It is owned by Grand Canyon Airways, in Arizona. Less than 10 in the world flying at this time I believe.


Was the chief pilot on this aircraft, a new Challenger 604 for about five years. The owner retired at the ripe old age of 41 an left us all out on the street. That's life in aviation!