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You are about to enter the National Aeronca Association Discussion Forum!

Upon entering the NAA discussion forum, you will see the familiar page header with the same links you see on every other page on this website.  This will allow you to navigate back into the NAA site from within the forum.  Due to an increase in Spammer activity, we now require you to register as a user to post to the forum.  You may do so using the  RegisterRegister  link.  We will receive your request and approve your registration.  Though it will probably happen quicker, please allow a day or two for us to receive your request and approve it.  An added benefit to registering is that it will allow you to receive all the features of the forum.  It also allows the forum community to know who you are, and that's an important part of any community.  Although we encourage you to join the NAA, you do not need to be a member to register and use this forum and there is no cost to register.  If you have questions about the forum, click the FAQFAQ  link.  This will present you with a complete listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about using the forum.  If you still have trouble, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to contact you via phone and help you out.

The forum has been organized into the following groups, which should make it easier for you find what you are looking for: General Discussion, Aeronca General items (not model specific), Pre-War Aeroncas, Post-War Aeronca Chiefs, Post-War Aeronca Champs, Aeronca Sedans, Warbirds, National Aeronca Association posts, Aeronca-related Events, Airplanes for Sale, Parts Wanted or For Sale, Engine/Powerplant for sale, Services, and Off-Topic posts.

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