Flew a Aeronca Chief home in May of 2004. Gareth Gilson and I hopped in his Aeronca Sedan early one morning and headed to Lander Wyoming. We made it as far as Green Valley Utah, where we were stopped by bad weather. Early the next morning we headed North to Lander.



The above is a photo of the two of us before takeoff.



We found this airplane waiting for us there. After completing an annual inspection and all the paperwork it was time to head South! Again we stopped in Green Valley to overnight. 


The next morning we followed the Green River Valley South. High mountains on both sides and no possibility of an emergency landing if something went wrong. 



Part of the flight.


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The river leading into Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.


One last leg and we landed in Phoenix. Very tired but good to be home, especially with a flight like this! Am now the proud owner of N3230E, a 1947 11BC Aeronca Chief.