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Unique tow vehicle for getting the airplane (N85833) to the airport to be assembled. Cochise College 1980

Getting the big pieces hung on the airplane. Marshall Field with the pipe, Rick Saville behind the wing, and Arne Fuller and myself poking the bolt in the critter. Randy ? holding the wing  up and have forgotten the name of the guy with arms crossed in back. He was with Rick Saville, a BDI hostage. They were held hostage by a Twin Beech at Bisbee/Douglas International airport for months, finally flying it to California after living in the desert for months while getting it into flying condition.

Here is the airplane with the wings hung and most of the large bits.

N85833 flies for the first time in over 30 years. I had passed my A&P practical!

The airplane  sitting on the strip in Sells Arizona on one of our many weekend fly-ins. Note Marsh's red dog holding up the right main wheel.

The end of N85833 (unless someone has rebuilt the pieces) after being destroyed in a storm in Tucson. It was tied down at the airport and the wind was so strong that it pulled the concrete tie downs out and lifted the airplane up in the air, only to drop it several times. Three other airplanes met the same fate that night... a lot of work and money down the drain as my insurance would not cover it and the FBO went out of business shortly afterwards.

Photo of Marshall Field in Benson or St. David Arizona when we picked up his Champ. It had been stored in a barn for around 20 years when he found it.

This was my second Aeronca Chief, and was about 60% restored when it was sold. I had to move out of Tucson for a job and just no way to keep working on it. It was found at Phoenix Deer Valley airport after sitting for many years and in poor condition. I intended it to be a replacement to my destroyed airplane but ran out of time. N9684E, Does anyone know where it is now? It may be in the company of the rest of the above Chief, N85833.