1930s aviation records

Pre-War Aeroncas
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Russ Plehinger
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1930s aviation records

Post by Russ Plehinger » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:34

Seeking a bit of help regarding air records, and attempted air records, made by Aeronca aircraft.

On January 2, 1939 Patrick Breen flew an Aeronca C-3 nonstop from New York to Miami. He covered 1195 miles in 17 hours. Does anyone know the registration number of this plane? Does anyone have photos of both pilot and plane?

In November of 1939 Patrick Johns was planning an Atlantic hop from Manchester, New Hampshire to Dublin, Ireland. He was later grounded by authorities. The plan was named "Screwball I". I am in need of further details---registration number and pix.

Help would be greatly appreciated! I would be glad to provide a free copy of my book on 20s and 30s endurance flights in return for any assistance rendered. THANX, in advance.

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