1930s aviation records

Pre-War Aeroncas
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1930s aviation records

Post by Russ Plehinger » Mon Jul 23, 2012 21:59

Are there any history addicts out there? Help!

Most noteable among pre-war air records was the 1939 transcontinetal flight made by Johnny Jones, and the disappearance over the Atlantic of Thomas Smith. Both flew Aeronca Chiefs. Many other records were set by Aeroncas C-3s---more than a dozen different flyers.

I am now seeking info on 2 Aeronca attempts to surpass the lightplane endurance record. The 1st was at Pittsburgh in September of 1938 with pilots Kenneth Scholter and Robert Pyper. The 2nd effort was at Baltimore in July of 1939 with pilots Charles Gilfallan and Ivan Bowman.

Does anyone have details on both events---takeoff times, times aloft, reasons for aborting, registration numbers for aircraft, etc. Any pix of planes and pilots would be appreciated. I believe Gilfallan and Bowman may have made a 2nd try at it, possibly later in July or in August.

I will gladly pay for any info and pix that anyone can provide. Xeroxes of pix OK.

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