Bulletin board is back up!

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Bulletin board is back up!

Post by joea » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:59


Sorry for the delay but have been busy flying (work) for the last 10 days.

Wanted to thank Richard Murray and Duane Fey for their assistance the last several months!!

First off they revamped the NAA's website and modernized it, then when the NAA's bulletin board went down due to a software change they both stepped in while I was out of the country flying and got it not only going again but also upgraded!



Please take time when you have a chance and visit!! Free to browse and if you want to post (and we invite everyone to please do so) just let us know and we will get you registered!

Lastly wanted to let everyone know that Bill Pancake has taken the role of technical advisor for the NAA! His contact info is on the website and he will be posting more articles on the website in the future!!

Thanks for everyone's support!!

Joe A

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