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Convention Dates
June 13, 14, 15, and 16,  2002

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Day & Time Planned Activity
Thursday Arrivals
Friday - 10:00 a.m. (E.D.T.) We will be taking buses to the Air Force Museum in Dayton.   You will be able to stay there until they close at 5:00 p.m.  Another tour of the restoration shops will be available again this time.  Round trip bus tickets will be $6.00.  The tickets may be purchased at registration.  There is no charge for the Museum.   The Museum also has a nice cafeteria where lunch may be purchased.  Remember all times are Eastern Daylight Time.
Friday - 6:00 p.m. Dinner will be served on the field.
Friday and Saturday Aeronca Aircraft judging will take place until 1:00 p.m. Saturday.
Friday and Saturday Aeronca parts can be sold by NAA members at the fly market.   (See Fly Market below)
Saturday morning This year's plant tour is tentative at this time due to new construction at Aeronca.
Saturday - around 1:00 p.m. Aeronca Forum by Bill Pancake
Banquet to be held at the VFW Hall, with awards and special speakers.
Sunday Departures


Registration will be $15.00 per person from the convention. Children under 12 are admitted free.  Please take the time to register.  Your registration helps pay for everything from the buses for the motels and banquet, for the potty houses, the tents, tables and chairs, carts for transportation to and from the showers and for the judges to use.  With registration you will receive a commemorative sticker and an Aeronca tag you will need to wear.  You will also be given a packet with information on shuttle bus schedules, time of events, aircraft judging procedures and a map of the area.


Hatwthorne Inn (513) 424-3551 Group rates: Holding fifty rooms til June 1.  Singles $55 - Doubles $65 See note below.
Manchester Inn Hotel (513) 422-5481
(800) 523-9126
Group rates: Holding ten rooms for June 13th & 14th.  Call May 16th for June 15th.
Super 8 Motel (513) 422-4888 Group Rates: $50
Comfort Inn (513) 420-9378 Group Rates: $62
Holiday Inn Express (513) 727-8440 Group Rates: Holding 25 rooms for the convention until May 31.  $69
Ramada Inn (513) 424-1201 Group rates: Holding 10 rooms for the convention until May 30. $60
Fairfield Inn (513) 424-5444 No Group rates.
Best Western (513) 727-0440 No Group rates.
Except for the Manchester Hotel, the local phone number must be called in order to receive the special group rate quoted to the National Aeronca Association.  Owner of the newly-renovated Hawthorne Inn and Suites says he would like to fill it with Aeronca people this convention.  He's holding fifty rooms until June 1 and may have more if reservations are made early enough.  He also has some one- and two-rooms suites.  A hot breakfast is included with the room.  Group rate single beds are $55 and two beds are $65.  Beds are queen size. I've seen it and it's beautiful.  Be sure to mention the Aeronca Convention when calling for reservations.

Fly Market

There will be a fly market for members to sell Aeronca parts.  Remember this service is for National Aeronca Association Members Only and Only to Sell Aeronca Parts.   We will have tables and chairs for those participating and you will be responsible for the sale and security of your items.  We ask that prior to your departure you pay the Association a fee equal to 5% of your gross sales.  This will be done by the honor system.


You are welcome to camp by your airplane if you wish.  We also have plenty of room for camping trailers and motor homes.  Showers will be available.


We will be taking buses to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  Buses will also be running to take you to and from your motels throughout the convention and to the banquet.


The banquet will be Saturday evening.  It will be a buffet style meal with lots of good things to eat.  The cost will be $12.00 per person.  Banquet tickets will be sold at registration.  After the meal, we will have some special speakers and the awards presentation.


If you would like to have your Aeronca judged for an award, there will be several classes in which you may enter your aircraft.  Awards will be presented for Grand Champion Antique, Grand Champion Classic, and many Best of Class awards.  There will be an award for the longest distance flown to the convention in an Aeronca. Again, this year we are having an award for the Best in Class of the Aeronca built PT19s and PT23s, as well as one for our "cousin," the best restored Osceola, WI, Champion built aircraft.  There will also be a Peoples Choice Award.


The convention will be held at Hook Field in Middletown, Ohio.  It is located on the St. Louis and Cincinnati Sectionals.  Elevation is 651 feet.  Runways 5 and 23 are hard surface and lighted (6100 x 100).  Runways 8 and 26 are sod (3100 x 300).   Runways 23 and 26 are Right Hand pattern.  100 octane fuel is available.  Unicom is on 123.0.  There is a lot of room at the airport for the convention and we will be able to put all the Aeroncas together very easily.  Aircraft parking will be on the east end of the field.  Fuel trucks will be servicing our Aeroncas in the parking area.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TIE DOWNS.

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We have added Thursday, June 13th to the convention dates since more are arriving early to be ready to go to the Air Force Museum on Friday morning.  Remember, as we've said in the past, if you have the opportunity to come early to lessen the chances of being delayed by weather, we'll be there to take care of your needs upon arrival.  There are lots of good eating places very close to the field.


If you could volunteer to help for a couple hours during the weekend, we would really appreciate it.  The convention keeps growing so we can always use more helpers. Thanks.  Also, if your driving and would like a map to get you to the field, drop us a note at Terre Haute.  Remember: RUNWAY 23 AND 26 ARE RIGHT HAND TRAFFIC and you need to BRING YOUR OWN TIES DOWNS.  DON'T FORGET, MIDDLETOWN OHIO, IS ON EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME.  Come and enjoy another fun-filled Aeronca weekend with us!  We look forward to seeing you there.

Letter from Jim Thompson

(This letter was included with the NAA convention information that was mailed to all registered Aeronca owners.)

Dear Aeronca Enthusiast:
     We'll be looking forward to seeing many of you at our Eleventh National Aeronca Convention in Middletown, Ohio this June 13, 14, 15, and 16, 2002.
     This flyer will again give me the opportunity to reach all Aeronca and some early Champion-built aircraft owners.  In this group are the 7s, 11s and early Champion-built aircraft that were included in the recent spar AD.  With so many of you voicing your agreement with our proposal to the FAA we were gratified to see the final ruling come out as it did.  We couldn't have done it without all of you.
    We heard from only a few of you as to what you've encountered since A.D NO 2000-25-02 was issued.  We would like to hear from many more of you telling what you thought of the ruling, having two groups and being put in Group 1, how you got along with your annuals, etc.
     I want to take this opportunity to invite you to join the National Aeronca Association if you are not already a member.  Together we'll be much stronger and be able to present a unified position on issues such as the recent spar AD.
     I would also encourage you to be part of the Association by sending articles for the Aeronca magazine restoration projects, helpful and technical information, trips taken in your Aeronca, etc., and of course pictures to go along with the articles. If you are not a member at this time we would still like to hear form you about your Aeronca with an article.  When it's printed in the magazine we'll send one to you.  With over 5,000 registered owners I'm hopeful this request will generate enough articles for many upcoming issues.  You, the Aeronca owners and enthusiast, are the ones with all the knowledge about these fine old birds.  Please share it with us and we'll put it in print and share it with many.
     The National Aeronca Association sponsors a National Aeronca Convention every other year in Middletown, Ohio, on even numbered years.  We hope you'll be able to join us this June in Middletown.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Jim Thompson, President
National Aeronca Association

Although this notice is being sent to all Aeronca owners, ownership is not a requirement for membership.  If you are a member, please disregard this membership solicitation.  Current members will receive notices at the appropriate time.  Visit our website at

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